Monday 20 July 2015

Day 7, Coimbra to Luso

After a visit to the impressive University Library left Coimbra we left the city in middle of the day in direction to Penacova. The road, one of the most scenic we've been so far, we followed the old national road who zigzags in parallel to the Mondego river, spectacular views to the left of river beaches, crystal clear waters and lush vegetation, grapes and apples and all sorts of fruit and vegetables growing both side of the road, like a supermarket on your doorstep. And the dream for cyclist, most of the route almost no traffic for almost the 40 km, little small hill top towns along the journey helping breaking up the trip with friendly people who looked at us curiously, probably thinking WTF are you doing here. 

We arrived at Luso for dinner, after a quick deep at the hotel pool we went our for dinner to the local restaurant, very tasty "Pedra de Sal". Luso is a SPA town with a castle, famous for the LUSO water. 

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