Sunday 19 July 2015

Day 6- Pombal to Coimbra

What we liked about Pombal is that it is non touristic town in the interior of Portugal, architecture or the landmarks are not as remarkable as other places like Sintra, but the town feels more authentically Portuguese, some street musicians and nice bars made the stay very pleasant. We had a fantastic churrasco dinner at Pombal and managed to find a launderette and a comfortable and budget hotel.

We left Pombal after a very decent breakfast early for Coimbra, probably one of the hottest and longest journeys.

Arrival to Coimbra is definitely not thought for cyclist, we arrived through a really busy road to the other side of the river, it is a pretty view with the housed accumulated into the hill.

It was almost sunset and still very hot, to avoid traffic we crossed the river using the pedestrian bridge, from were some kids were jumping into the water.

After shower and freshen up, a sketch from the hotel terrace we went to listen to fado in a mediaeval church. Napoleon told us that the fado from Coimbra was different from the fado in Lisbon, more authentic.


Napoleon town

Pombal main square


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